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BookMySim.One, a Medvarsity Initiative, is the world’s first ever online platform to aggregate medical simulations and training workshops for healthcare professionals. To impart quality training and facilitate a seamless simulation experience, we collaborate and partner with world-renowned organisations, healthcare institutions and experts.

We host advanced simulation training programs such as coronary angioplasty and laparoscopic surgeries, as well as intermediate and basic simulation training programs such as basic life support, ultrasound, etc.

Simulations help healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, paramedics, and such, in improving their clinical effectiveness without risking patient safety. Few other professions offer the opportunity to save lives and improve the health of the people, and our platform is designed to assist your endeavours in achieving the same!

With this initiative, Medvarsity is another step close to it’s vision of ‘Impacting Healthcare Through Education’.

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Simulation Training/Workshops


Simulation Training/Workshops




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Training centers