Visualize the key anatomical structures used during a laparoscopic appendectomy through web- based simulation.

Laparoscopic Appendectomy

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Certificate accredited by RLA, UK

What you’ll Learn

Course Description

Appendicitis is one of the conditions which is an emergency and needs an appropriate diagnosis with prompt treatment i.e., surgical removal. More than 2 lakh appendectomies are performed every year in the US and the incidence of appendicitis is decreasing day by day due to improvement in surgical procedures. In brief, appendicitis is the inflammation of the vermiform appendix which is usually located in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen.

Evaluation of appendicitis can be done by lab testing (elevate WBC), imaging like CT scan. The gold standard for appendicitis is appendectomy which is an open and invasive procedure. Advances in surgical procedures that are minimally invasive to treat appendicitis have decreased the prevalence and incidence of appendicitis globally. One such procedure that is minimally invasive is laparoscopic appendectomy. A laparoscopic appendectomy is a procedure to remove the appendix through several small incisions in the abdomen. Uncomplicated appendicitis cases can be safely performed by the laparoscopic method.

The laparoscopic approach is a less painful procedure, ensures quick recovery, and gives chance to explore most of the abdomen through small incisions. Knowledge on appendicitis, symptoms, treatment options, managing emergency condition of appendicitis, laparoscopic appendectomies is very important for a health care professional to deliver a prompt treatment.

This module teaches you how to safely prepare for and perform a laparoscopic appendectomy. Including both Learn and Test modes, the online simulator enables you to practice and tests your ability to perform the procedure.

Topics covered:

  • Pre-procedure considerations
  • How to insert and place the ports
  • How to identify the appendix
  • How to practice a laparoscopic appendectomy
  • To visualize the key anatomical structures used during a laparoscopic appendectomy.

Eligibility: All healthcare professionals.

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750/- *(Excluding all taxes)
Certificate accredited by RLA, UK


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